I have missed out on a lot of free traffic because I waited so long to start a blog post. Not having a blog has hurt my credibility and overall ranking in the affiliate marketing world.
How is anybody going to know who you are if you are not posting some kind of relevant content on your website. You can be well-known on Facebook with your posts but if you are not blogging on your website then you are missing out .
In this digital age we must continue to give free content in our marketing niche, whatever that may be.
Mine just happens to be Affiliate Marketing so I need to be posting this free content on a daily basis, hoping to get ranked high in Google and get like-minded people to read and comment on my blog.
Building customer relationships is in my opinion the most important thing you can do to build your marketing business fast. Look at Neil Patel, he has thousands of customers on his list that will purchase almost anything that is sent to them.
Why? Because he gives so much free content and value over and over.
Just go to his website and see the free downloads you can get just for signing up.
When you watch his hundreds of videos on his you tube channel, it is like he is talking directly to you. He makes you feel like you are the only person on his list and all he wants to do is to help you be successful.
To be successful in Online Marketing is really not that hard. Find a successful marketer in your niche, and just copy exactly what he has done, then rinse and repeat.
I think most people, including me have tried to take the easy way out and purchased those shiny objects that promise you the world without any effort.
It’s time to put away those shiny objects and start copying exactly what successful marketers are doing. Remember less than 1% make it in Online Marketing. What end are you going to be on?