How do I explain this? There is a right way to attract customers and there is a wrong way to attract customers.

The wrong way to attract customers is to purchase cheap traffic and try to get them to buy your products. The problem is, these people do not know who you are. You bought some traffic and you are hoping that they will find it in their hearts to buy something from you.

Does any of this sound familiar? Now I have tried this method and of course it has not worked. I bought some traffic from a source at Fiverr who told me that they would guarantee sales in my niche.

They sent their traffic to my squeeze page where I was able to capture hundreds of emails. Those emails were attached to my autoresponder where they were given affiliate offers to purchase products.

Guess what? I did not get one sale, and the open rate was less than 1%. Go figure…

The traffic was crap, the traffic did not know who I was, so why would traffic like that, buy anything from me.

I did that for months, thinking I could warm the traffic up until they bought from me. I continued to send them emails, offering them free products that I have purchased. Asking them what kind of affiliate offers they would like to receive.

But of course this did not work either. I needed to find another way to get warm customers that know who I am and want to buy what I offer.

I started reading about Relationship Marketing, and how to develop relationships with your leads in order get them to know and respect you.

There were two ways to do this. Either paid traffic or free traffic. With paid traffic, you need to find a reputable solo ad seller that has quality traffic for a reasonable price.

You need to find traffic that wants to purchase affiliate offers and find the correct affiliate offers.

Once you find this traffic and the correct affiliate offers, you have the traffic sent to your funnel, which is your squeeze page, then your bridge page then finally to the offer.

You build your list, plug them into your autoresponder which has emails already set up with affiliate offers, the list purchases your offers, you make your money back, then rinse and repeat.

You send daily emails to your list, offering them free items, and thanking them for being on your list. You continue to develop a relationship with your list until it grows to thousands and thousands.

Once your list is that big, they know who you are, they respect you and will buy what you offer them.